Documentation of assets and possible transfers. Identify changes to asset class and dilution of value. Verification of any increase or decrease to net asset value of the entity or individual. Prepare reporting for seizure or writ of garnishment.

• Hard assets: Vessels, autos, equipment, aircraft
• Cash, securities, and real estate
• Notes due, UCC and receivables
• Intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights
• Business holdings and beneficial interests
• Hidden assets or those in other names
• Third party responsibility
• Historical snapshots of asset values


There are always hundreds of scams online looking to get web visitors to send payments into their scam and receive nothing in return. The frauds take the form of selling products, investing in businesses, buying inventory, or partnerships. The presentations are often very professional looking, and promise some desirable result. A victim of fraud wants to know about the facts.

• Identify the true company behind the fraud
• Document prior and current activity
• Identify sources to recover lost money
• Connect communications with people involved
• Protect against future fraud or hacks from the scam


Cyber attacks are up 300% over the past 12 months, and cyber attackers are increasingly targeting individuals in addition to business networks. We can perform a remote observation of your network and digital assets to determine if any common risks may be present. The types of attacks change from month to month, so we will scan for the most recent threat vectors.
Cyber hackers often access your systems weeks or months in advance of the actual attack, monitoring activities and collecting intel to launch the ransomware or cyber attack. By detecting the lurking scripts early, you may be able to repel and prevent the adverse action.
This investigation entails a 5 hour block of cyber risk evaluation and defense strategy for your business or personal network, executed over a 72 hour time period.


A thorough fraud investigation triangulates inquiry and scrutiny of documents, activity, and financial records using cutting edge intelligence tools and methods. By discovering the fraud without revealing the investigation to employees, the full true nature of the fraud is determined along with all associated actors being identified.

• Ghost Vendors (A/P vs payroll)
• Mail Scan
• A/R Mod Review
• Benford Law Analysis
• Delta KPIs
• Criminal/Civil Scan
• Cashed Check Analysis


Locating hard to find subjects, missing persons, and those avoiding discovery. Reveal the activities and whereabouts of those concealing their identity or hiding their location. Services prepare a report of records and documentation of subjects activities, court testimony available by a licensed investigative agent.

• Missing persons
• Avoiding service of process
• Absconded judgement debtor
• Fugitive from responsibility
• Witness to events
• Homeless or incarcerated


When someone wants to hide something, they delete the data. This information can be recovered, but attempting to do so without the proper training and tools can result in the data being rendered invalid as legal evidence, or even becoming permanently lost. Recover deleted call logs, IM conversations, track movements with geo-tagging. Gather data from personal computers, phone or other devices.

• Email
• Images
• Webmail
• Internet artifacts
• Web history and cache
• Chat sessions

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