Bank Account & Asset Search Investigation

Expert Investigation Services for Locating Bank Accounts and Assets.

Electronic basic asset search 


  • Basic electronic search of subject parties assets, including real estate, business assets, and vehicle records

OSINT bank account search


  • Search of 6 OSINT records sources
  • Abstracting the financial connections for alternate assets
  • Document matrix cross-reference
  • OSINT records access and analysis

Full Asset Search Investigation


  • Includes OSINT bank account search
  • Investigates 20 different asset classes
  • Investigation subjects can be individuals or businesses
  • Compiled into an organized, easy-to-understand report


For holders of judgements or for litigation strategic planning, a thorough asset investigation can identify and document the asset holdings of a debtor of counter-party. Establishing the extent and nature of a subjects assets can be important to have targets for garnishment or seizure, or to demonstrate bad faith and concealment of assets. If the value of assets has diminished, a creditor can take action to prevent their evaporation. By the same token, assets which change from one class to another may be poised to be concealed.

A professional asset search by a licensed investigator provides a firm documented status of your debtors true wealth position. The most common asset search we provide for attorneys and corporate clients contains each of the asset search elements listed below. Investigators search government records, banking information, legal documents, corporate filings, insurance information, combined with in person observation and covert interviews to obtain the results.

The completed and signed asset search report is provided to the client along with records copies, photographs, official documents, and invoices where applicable. Typically the report is furnished in 3 – 5 business days. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

Active Intel Investigations’ asset search service provides:

  • Bank account search
  • Real estate search
  • Vehicles
  • Corporate ownership
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Vessels
  • Aircraft
  • Intellectual property (patents, trademarks,
  • Judgements owed
  • Accounts receivable
  • Asset class flow of formats
  • Vessel and aircraft tracking


A bank account search is a process of gathering information about an individual or business’s bank accounts, including bank names, account numbers, and balances. It is commonly used in legal proceedings such as divorce or child support cases, as well as for judgment enforcement and debt recovery purposes. Conducting a bank account search provides valuable insights into the financial status of individuals or businesses, aiding in legal actions and financial matters.

All legal bank account searches are done on an OSINT basis. This is the only method legal for Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act compliance. Federal law prohibits obtaining private banking information using other non-compliant means.

Our secure bank account locates are performed using 100% GLB compliant recovery methods. The research methods and document retrieval is all performed by hand, to ensure that only legal records are retrieved.

OSINT methods may also capture accounts which have been related to the subject debtor through other means. There may be “false positives” as well as omitted accounts. Be advised that not all OSINT derived bank accounts have recent balance information, and some records may truncate the account numbers.

Our searches are the same reports we provide to attorneys, government agencies, and trustees.

Account information and balances are based indications of subject activity and history

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