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16 01, 2013

Hidden assets in divorce cases

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Concealing assets in divorce cases is very common. This 6 minute video discusses some of the methods used to hide assets, and how they can be discovered.   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hZONOv7pm8]    

16 01, 2013

E-discovery of voice and phone records

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Discussion on ESI typically will focus of e-discovery of data such as letters, emails, financial records, and scanned documents. An extraordinary opportunity for discovery of potentially valuable information from voice and audio recordings is frequently overlooked. The exchange of information in voice or audio format has migrated almost exclusively to software based platforms. Because of this, files containing audio and voice are created in regular FAT or NTFS formats, even if only for a temporary [...]

7 01, 2013

Investigating fraudulent fake reviews

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Consumer reviews of commercial businesses have become an asset or liability for an enterprise. Websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and even Facebook are sources of content where potential future clients and customers research information prior to deciding to do business with your firm. Attracting new clients is the lifeblood of a company, and positive reviews are crucial to maintaining a healthy bottom line. There may always be a few clients in any business which cannot be pleased [...]

6 01, 2013

Hiding a large check from judgment creditors

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A judgment debtor who comes into a large payment may look for ways to keep this asset from being visible to creditors. Let's examine three methods, and also how a professional investigator can discover each of them. 1. Cashiers check shuffle. The subject takes the check, which is made out to him, directly to the financial institution from where it is drawn. He instructs the teller to convert it to a cashiers check under the pretense that [...]

6 01, 2013

Asset Recovery – Dangers of delaying civil action until criminal cases are completed

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Asset Recovery - Top 10 Reasons to Initiate Civil Action Against Fraudsters Before Criminal Prosecutions are Completed In many instances the civil asset recovery cases we work on have fraud associated with them which is being prosecuted by the public sector. For some victims it is tempting to wait for completion of the criminal case against their creditors in the hopes that the sentence will include restitution. In theory this would meet their need for [...]

27 11, 2012

Doing your own investigations – Top 10 laws to be aware of

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  Individuals considering performing their own investigation should always make themselves aware of the various laws which cover activities related to their case. Professional licensed private investigators who perform these activities are attentive to laws, regulations, and statutes surrounding their duties to ensure that the clients liability is protected. A few areas where individuals get into trouble when attempting to perform investigations are as follows: 1. Pretexting - Using a false pretense to get information [...]

5 11, 2012

Custody and visitation investigations

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  The well being of minor children is difficult to manage when the other parent is estranged or contentiously divorced. Controlling dangerous access and harmful influence to minor children. Issues to consider for a child's well being run a large range from being properly seat belted when driving, to correct nutrition, to being exposed to inappropriate behavior such as narcotics use, excessive drinking, and sexual activity. The concerned parent cannot be present for each visitation or custodial [...]

29 10, 2012

Protecting personal information and correcting identity theft

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Government records are now a vulnerability for consumers personal data. State records are under seige from hackers. Budget constraints have led to more outsourcing to cloud providers or other service providers of the state agency's email, data storage, and disaster recovery services, for instance. But CISOs are lukewarm about their trust in the third-party provider's security: Only 4 percent are very confident, with 74 percent "somewhat confident" and 18 percent "not very confident." A recent [...]

29 10, 2012

Spying on a spouse in a divorce

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Suspicion of infidelity or a desire to exit a relationship often creates a motivation for a person to spy on their relationship partner. The results can provide peace of mind that their worst fears of an unfaithful partner are true, or give them confidence that their decision to leave the relationship is valid. "People are dying to know if their spouses are cheating," said Randall Kessler, past head of the American Bar Association's family-law section. Private [...]

25 10, 2012

Enhancing business security and profitability

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Business investigations. A professional investigator can add value to a companies operations by covertly observing internal processes, operations, and activity. The investigator will gather intelligence from outside the company as well. The details from both sources are compiled and analyzed to improve a business operation Discover fraud Reduce expenses Increase safety Lower injury claims Identify problem employees Improve morale Discover opportunities for efficiency Protect company resources Reveal security vulnerability   As a business owner, consider [...]