The call is coming from inside the house! Even DMV employees can get involved in vehicle title fraud. Here’s an article out of Illinois where a DMV employee allegedly forged a vehicle title application using government resources. 

According to the case, allegedly this employee of the Illinois Secretary of State was trying to get a title for a 2020 Land Rover that was actually a stolen vehicle. This person and a colleague that helped used a fake VIN to run a VIN check against the SOS computer database to avoid official detection. Unfortunately for them, the alleged scheme was uncovered.

This is a very isolated event, however, it does raise cautionary flags. If you’re looking to get a title for a vehicle through a non-standard method (e.g. bonded title, loophole, court order, etc.), you’ll want to ensure that you or the person doing the process for you is using completely legitimate means.

There are many ways to get a vehicle title; some are legitimate, and some are not. And when an improper method to get a title is used, you may find yourself in a position where the title gets revoked, you face legal consequences or fines, or both. In some instances, you may not even realize that the title has been revoked until you go to apply for a new one in your name. You may not have done anything wrong in the process, but a prior owner could’ve done the process improperly in the past, resulting in your current title being revoked.

So, make sure that the method to obtain your vehicle title is legitimate for your vehicle and for your situation. Properly obtaining your vehicle title will provide you with security in that title, knowing that it won’t be revoked at a later date.

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