In times of economic uncertainty, searching for assets in bank accounts might seem like an unlikely avenue to pursue. However, David, from Active Intell Investigations, sheds light on why now might be the opportune moment to explore this avenue. According to him, the economic crisis has led individuals and businesses to consolidate accounts, sell off assets, and prioritize cash retention. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the transcripts provided by David and explore the intricacies of asset searches.

Header: Why Now is the Ideal Time for Bank Account Searches During an Economic Crisis

The Common Request: Asset Search Investigations

Investigative agencies often find themselves at the forefront of asset search requests, particularly in situations involving losses, litigations, judgments, or potential fraud. The goal is to recover assets or funds from debtors or fraudsters. Active Intell Investigations, led by David, specializes in conducting asset searches by categorizing various asset classes.

Understanding Asset Classes

Asset classes encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from bank accounts and real estate to intellectual property and corporate assets. In the pursuit of an asset search, each class demands a meticulous approach to reveal hidden information that may contribute to the recovery of funds.

Bank Account Searches: Not a Simple Google Search

Contrary to popular belief, searching for assets in bank accounts is not a straightforward process akin to a Google search. Licensed private investigators utilize specialized databases to initiate the search, but relying solely on online searches may yield inaccurate and unusable results. David emphasizes the importance of turning to official records for a comprehensive asset search.

Real Estate: The First Step in Asset Searches

The initial phase of an asset search often involves examining real estate records. David demonstrates the process of accessing county-level records, such as deeds and mortgages, to uncover valuable information. These records not only provide details about property ownership but may also lead to the discovery of related bank accounts.

Vehicles: A Crucial Step in Asset Investigations

Moving beyond real estate, vehicle records play a crucial role in asset investigations. David explains the two-step process of requesting information from motor vehicle departments, highlighting the significance of understanding the vehicle’s ownership history, potential lien holders, and registration dates.

Corporate Records: A Goldmine for Asset Discoveries

In the pursuit of assets, corporate records can be a goldmine. David showcases how searching for an individual’s involvement in corporations can unveil past business ventures, partnerships, or connections that may lead to the discovery of assets.

Domain Name Searches: Unveiling Online Connections

As part of a comprehensive search, David introduces domain name searches as a means to unveil online connections. By exploring the whois information of a domain, investigators can identify potential associations, business relationships, or even uncover hidden assets.

Bank Account Searches: Timing is Everything

While bank account searches may be the ultimate goal, David advises saving them for later in the investigative process. By first exploring real estate, vehicles, corporate records, and online connections, investigators can gather valuable information that streamlines and enhances the efficiency of bank account searches.

A Holistic Approach to Asset Searches

In the realm of asset searches, a holistic approach proves to be more effective than a direct plunge into bank account investigations. David’s insights emphasize the importance of understanding various asset classes and strategically sequencing searches to maximize the chances of uncovering hidden assets.