In the vast and anonymous realm of the internet, have you ever wondered who might be seeking information about you? This is Dave from AFX Search, a team of licensed investigators based in Palm Beach, Florida, specializing in uncovering the online footprints left by business executives, affluent individuals, and anyone curious about their digital presence.

The Stealthy Quest for Your Digital Trail

In today’s digital age, with an abundance of data scattered across various web pages, it’s not uncommon for individuals or entities to be actively researching you. This could range from competitors and colleagues to those with more dubious intentions. Understanding who is looking for you online can be crucial, and contrary to popular belief, it is possible. At AFX Search, we employ innovative techniques to help you unravel the mystery.

Enter the Honeypot: A Digital Decoy

One of our primary strategies involves setting up what we call a “honeypot” page. This webpage is designed to mimic a third-party site, containing information about you that is publicly available. However, it serves as a trap for those with ill intentions. By optimizing the page for search engines, especially with terms someone with malicious intent might use, we can track visitors, their IP addresses, and the specific terms they used to find the page.

Decrypting the Digital Clues

The honeypot page is not merely a bait-and-wait tactic; it’s a sophisticated tool for gathering comprehensive information. We track visitors’ movements, set cookies to monitor return visits, and even embed code to record the number of times they access the page. Through this, we obtain crucial details such as the date, time, location, and IP address, which can often be traced back to a company or firm conducting research.

LinkedIn Link: Unveiling Identities

Intriguingly, we establish a blind link from the honeypot page to a LinkedIn profile. As LinkedIn tracks visitors, this link helps us identify exactly who is interested in your online presence. The code embedded in the page provides us with information on search terms, IP addresses, and other geographic details, shedding light on the nature of people’s interest in you.

Unmasking Through Incoming Links

The investigation extends to examining incoming links to the honeypot page. Whether through email servers or locally saved copies, we analyze where the page is being shared. This includes checking for hotlinks to images of you or your workplace, which could indicate the unauthorized use of your personal information.

Going Beyond the Honeypot

While the honeypot page is a crucial starting point, our arsenal includes various other methods. We cross-reference online searches with incoming phone numbers, matching them to your caller ID. This helps us identify if those seeking information about you are genuine customers or potential impostors posing as vendors.

Secure Your Digital Perimeter with AFX Search

Concerned about who might be looking for you or gathering intel about you or your company? Contact us at AFX Search ( for proactive solutions. Based in Palm Beach, Florida, we extend our services to various areas, employing a range of techniques to safeguard your digital presence and provide you with valuable insights.

In a world where information is power, knowing who’s seeking yours can be a game-changer. Trust AFX Search to be your vigilant guardian in the digital realm.