Greetings! Dave here from, ready to shed light on one of the most common queries we encounter—how long does it take to get a title search? The answer, my friends, lies in the intricacies of the type of title search you’re seeking.

Understanding the Variables: What Impacts Title Search Timeframes

The duration of a title search hinges on a few variables, chiefly the type of search being conducted. For the commonly requested O&E (Owner and Encumbrance), Corona, or COS searches, you’re looking at a ballpark timeframe of seven to nine main hours.

The Anatomy of a Title Search: Unveiling the Process

Let’s break down the typical steps involved in a residential property title search:

  1. Document Retrieval from Multiple Sources: A comprehensive title search involves pulling documents from four distinct courthouses—the deed office, civil court office, probate office, and assessor’s office. This process generally encompasses about 50 or 60 documents.
  2. Examiner’s Courthouse Presence: Our skilled examiners work diligently within the courthouse premises, navigating through records and conducting searches. The timeframe often spans one to three business days, contingent upon the time the order is received.
  3. Efficiency Boost with Multiple Searches: Larger companies, like ours, can expedite the process by deploying multiple examiners simultaneously. This advantage shortens the overall search period.
  4. Importance of Thoroughness: While speed is essential, we prioritize thoroughness, especially when it comes to checking for liens. Rushing a search may inadvertently lead to overlooking crucial information, particularly in the lien verification process.
  5. Analysis and Report Writing: Following the retrieval phase, an additional one to two hours are dedicated to analysis and report writing. This meticulous step ensures the delivery of a certified title abstract.

Factors Influencing Search Speed: Balancing Accuracy and Efficiency

Several factors can influence the speed of a title search:

  • Electronic Records vs. Paper Documents: While electronic records may offer a slightly faster turnaround, the official status and accuracy of paper documents often make them the preferred choice.
  • Taxes and Additional Steps: Checking property taxes adds an extra layer to the process. Depending on the urgency and necessity, this step can be included or omitted to save time.

Tailored Solutions for Urgent Needs: AFX Search Commitment

In instances demanding a swift turnaround—such as insurance claims, FEMA claims, SBA searches, or foreclosure options—AFX Search is equipped to put a rush on the process. Leveraging multiple searches and streamlined procedures, we prioritize meeting your deadlines.

Connect with AFX Search for Your Title Search Needs

If you find yourself in need of a reliable title search, whether for routine matters or urgent situations, look no further. AFX Search is at your service. Visit our website at or give us a call. We’re here to assist you in navigating the intricacies of title searches efficiently and accurately.