Hello, this is Dave at TitleSearch.com, and today we’re tackling a common question that arises, especially when time is of the essence: How long does it take to conduct a real estate title search? The answer involves various factors, and it’s essential to distinguish between a DIY search and a professional title abstract prepared by a certified title examiner.

Professional Title Abstract Timeline: 7 to 12 Man-Hours

For a certified title examiner, the process typically involves:

  1. Recorder’s Office (2-3 hours): Pulling deeds, liens, and mortgages related to the property from the recorder of deeds or similar office.
  2. Civil Court (1-2 hours): Checking for judgments or civil court records that could impact the property.
  3. Assessor’s Office (1 hour): Verifying property tax status and checking for any special assessments.
  4. Other Sources (1-4 hours): Exploring additional sources like UCC filings, probate records, and more, depending on the state.
  5. Analyzing (1-2 hours): Reviewing and abstracting the collected documents to understand their implications for the property.

Timeline Breakdown: 1 to 3 Business Days

This entire process typically spans one to three business days, factoring in the timing of the order, courthouse hours, and the schedule of relevant offices.

Factors Influencing Turnaround Time

Several factors contribute to the variability in the timeline:

  • Archival Retrievals: Some documents may be in archives, requiring additional time for retrieval.
  • Property Identification: Identifying the property accurately, especially when relying on addresses, may add some time.
  • Complex Property Records: Properties with complex records, such as foreclosures, may extend the overall time frame.

DIY Title Search: Considerations and Extended Timeframes

For individuals opting for a DIY title search, the timeline may be extended due to the learning curve. Untrained searchers may take longer to navigate the courthouse, ask questions, and double-check information.

Swift Solutions and Turnaround Options

If you’re working with a tight deadline, our team at TitleSearch.com understands the importance of swift solutions. In some cases, putting multiple team members on a single search concurrently can expedite the process.

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