Do you enjoy conducting online research? Do you consider yourself an amateur investigator? Well, that’s great! Did you know that if you uncover certain types of fraud, you can benefit from it as a whistleblower? There are specific government procedures and programs for individuals who discover fraud against the government. This fraud could include someone not paying taxes or defrauding the government on a contract. Sometimes it even involves finding unregulated security or someone offering an investment without a license. By reporting these activities to the government, you could benefit greatly.

Some processes need to be followed, including the False Claims Act. This act is known as a qui tam case, where a contractor or a business deal is defrauding the government. If you discover this fraud, whether you are an employee of the company or just an amateur, you can report it to the government. To declare yourself a whistleblower properly, you need to use the correct paperwork. If the government recovers fees or stops losses, you can receive a percentage of that amount. It is important to remember that we are not attorneys and are not giving legal advice. Therefore, it is crucial that you research how to proceed appropriately. As a fraud investigative agency, we frequently encounter cases of fraud against government agencies, improper securities or investments being offered, and even instances of tax evasion. Any of these scenarios could potentially provide a way for a private individual to benefit from discovering the fraud.

If you enjoy doing online investigations and conducting research and are skilled at uncovering data and performing deep intel dives, you can use these skills to earn an income. It is important to note that many of these cases take years to go through the court system, but if you have filed yourself as a whistleblower, you may be able to benefit. Therefore, it is worth exploring this option. Book a consultation with one of our licensed private investigators to learn more about how this process works and how to conduct your own investigations. 

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