It’s very easy for a bad actor to install surveillance or hacking apps on a mobile device, so if you’re suspecting that there may be some unexplained activity on your mobile device, you might be right. Maybe your battery is draining faster than usual, or maybe other people like business associates or a spouse seem to know more about your activities than they should. Sometimes you might get a phone call that rings once, but there’s no one on the other end.

These events are evidence of possible hacking or surveillance applications on your mobile device. Sometimes you’ll hear unusual sounds or changes in volume on your phone like unexplained buzzing on a phone call. Those are symptoms that indicate somebody may have placed surreptitious surveillance or hacking software on your mobile device. Sometimes you’ll get a weird text message with just a number in it, which may be a ping to your phone to determine your identity. 

So if you’re concerned that there might be surveillance tracking improperly installed on your phone, you have a right to be concerned. Contact law enforcement or an investigator to verify the claims and discover the source of the improper installation of hacking tools.

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