Online Scam

There are always hundreds of scams online looking to get web visitors to send payments into their scam and receive nothing in return. The frauds take the form of selling products, investing in businesses, buying inventory, or partnerships. The presentations are often very professional looking, and promise some desirable result. A victim of fraud wants to know about the facts.




We run a basic electronic search of the companies and parties involved with your fraud case.

  • Identities searched
  • Common IP addresses
  • Digital activity report
  • Real estate connections

Full Service


A 10-hour block of investigation of the fraud operation, including search for:

  • Identities
  • Digital activities
  • Corporate filings
  • Financial records
  • Assets
  • Prior entities
  • Documented activities
  • Contact interviews

Not Sure About Your Needs?

Schedule via TelaClient with a licensed investigator to discuss your case. (Fee is credited to a full search.)