Asset Search

Documentation of assets and possible transfers. Identify changes to asset class and dilution of value. Verification of any increase or decrease to net asset value of the entity or individual. Prepare reporting for seizure or writ of garnishment.




Basic electronic search of subject parties assets, including real estate, business assets, and vehicles.

A basic, quick, online asset search:

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Displays results of basic assets
  • Covers 4 asset classes
  • Automated database

Assisted DIY


Electronic search with worksheet and links for conducting a full search of all asset classes, including bank accounts.

Save money by doing your own search:

  • Instructions on searching all asset classes
  • Links to sources for each document
  • Customized report for your case subject name
  • Uses the same worksheet our investigators use
  • Logins provided for private records
  • Bank account order form attached

Full Service


Full asset search done by hand at our fully licensed investigative agency.

3 licensed investigators work 12 – 14 hours per case:

  • Fully documented asset search
  • All 12 asset classes (real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, corporate, etc.)
  • Fully documented search report provided in writing
  • Source records for each asset provided
  • Uses current records, not outdated electronic data
  • Used by attorneys, corporations, plaintiffs, and creditors
  • GLB compliant and legal methods
  • Member of ACFE Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Hidden asset disclosure
  • Third party involvement searched
  • Includes consultation with investigator

Not Sure About Your Needs?

Schedule via TelaClient with a licensed investigator to discuss your case. (Fee is credited to a full search.)