It is often frustrating to determine the whereabouts of a long lost relative or associate whom has not been heard from in some time. A person who has not been active on the standard grid of phone, address, or social media involvement does not leave the standard footprint of location.

A professional investigation by a licensed agent uses proprietary and official methods and sources to research and analyze backchannel documentation of a person’s whereabouts. Second level information from offline sources and official documents can not be concealed and remains even after relocation.

The most common investigative package to discover the existence and trace the location of a hard to place individual can be ordered using the selection below:

Investigation includes research and analysis of the following:

  • Address hits
  • IP usage
  • Seven layer social media
  • Employment filings
  • Social security hits
  • Utility accounts
  • Online subscriptions
  • Death records
  • Marriage and vital records
  • Facial recognition search
  • Offline contact with associates
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Alternate names and nickname search
  • Birth certificate tracing
  • Private identification records