Entity search
Records search for the fraudulent company

Cross reference emails, phones, and T&C text
Identity related websites and marketing connected to the fraudulent company

IP scan of website and emails
Identify source of IP address, along with public records of parties associated with IP and domain

Payment destination search
Search for financial institution which collected payments on behalf of fraudulent company

Historical online activity report
Document prior versions of marketing and website for retention and identification

Covert contact by licensed investigators
Sales agents are contacted by several investigators to document sales presentation, and to extract identifying incriminating information

Interview of subjects at physical address
Take statements from individuals identified at the physical location of the fraudulent operation

1 hour surveillance at physical address
Perform covert surveillance to identify vehicles, persons, vendors, and activity at the fraudulent entity

Background check of individual known to be associated
Run criminal and civil records of a party identified as parcel to the fraudulent operation

Bank account search of entity as identified
Search for bank accounts associated with the tax identifier of the fraudulent firm