Online reviews are the lifeblood of business in the online era. Forbes Magazine reports that a difference of ½ star on a Yelp review can affect a business revenue by 26%. Because of this, the use of fraudulent reviews is becoming rampant and used by competitors, disgruntled former employees, and customers to inflict harm on an innocent business. According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, “online reviews had a large effect” in depressing the sales of a competitor. In one specific example, revenue edge enjoyed by a business fell to 6.9% from 25% of the market.

Fraudulent reviews hurt business owners, their employees, and even consumers who may purchase products and services from a deficient competitor.

A review fraud investigation uses modern intelligent analysis tools to root out reviews which are inaccurate or falsely placed. Identifying the source of fake reviews can allow for a strategy to request removal, deal with a competitor, or be aware of employee activity. The investigative team culls thousands of reviews for each case to compare and identify the electronic fingerprints of fraudsters intending to harm your companies profits.

The findings and documentation is provided to the client in 5 – 7 business days, along with cross references to identities and company information. The most common version of the review fraud investigation requested by attorneys and company executives is listed below, and can be initiated using the instant order button.

Active Intel Investigations’ Review Fraud Investigation provides:

  • Collect reviews posted
  • Identify user names
  • Cross reference social media (names, style, facial recognition, text matching)
  • Date and time referencing
  • IP address connection
  • Eliminated competitors
  • Photo location
  • Receipt request
  • Interview recip

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Research of counterparty for aquisiting, merger, or significant proposed contractual relationship. Ensure that the entity has correctly represented its market, licenses, key personnel, financial condition, and reputation.

  • Officers and shareholders
  • Licenses, corporate filings, related entities
  • Prior corporate structure
  • Key vendor interviews covert or disclosed
  • Client and contract verification
  • Market and competitor environment
  • Documentation of sales procedures
  • Identify manner of business dealings

Documentation of assets and possible transfers. Identify changes to asset class and dilution of value. Verification of any increase or decrease to net asset value of the entity or individual. Prepare reporting for seizure or writ of garnishment.

  • Hard assets: Vessels, autos, equipment, aircraft
  • Cash, securities, and real estate
  • Notes due, UCC and receivables
  • Intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights
  • Business holdings, equity, and beneficial interests
  • Hidden assets and those vested in other names
  • Third party responsibility, accountants, agents
  • Compare historical snapshots of asset values

Identity internal losses incurred through embezzlement or diversion of company assets. Document the means of theft, the entirety of the parties involved, and the location of the fraudulently lost assets. Present the overview of theft enterprise and scope.

  • Investigate internal and outside involvement
  • Analyze ghost vendors and payment validity
  • Theft of inventory, cash, clients, and sales revenue
  • Bribes and extortion
  • Organized schemes of theft, and individual larceny
  • Financial fraud, bookkeeping & accounting, billing
  • Cargo and supply diversion
  • Financial statement manipulation


• Records Intake & Review
• Data Research
• Extraction Algorithm
• Financial Records
• Witness Interviews
• Subject Observation
• Activity Monitoring
• Message Forensics
• Data Mining Program
• Legal Records
• ESI Processing
• Electronic Preservation
• Structured Data Breakdown
• Voice and Image Files
• Non-Public Records
• Family and Associates
• 3rd Party Retained Records
• Public Sector Filing Verification