Hello, this is Dave from AFX Search, Licensed Investigators. Today, I want to delve into a crucial aspect that often surfaces in discussions among investigators – pricing and client resistance. This serves as a continuation of our earlier conversation about developing business as an investigative agency.

Understanding Client Expectations

Clients seek more than just traditional investigative services. They are not merely looking to hire an investigator for surveillance, background checks, or interviews. What clients truly desire is a solution, an answer to their questions, and resolution to their problems. This is the key to unlocking value in the investigative industry.

Beyond Surveillance: Adapting to Changing Dynamics

Traditional services like surveillance, interviews, and background checks are gradually becoming outdated. With the prevalence of local social media, individuals often engage in self-surveillance, sharing their activities on platforms like Facebook. Clients, more than ever, feel they can conduct surveillance themselves, leading to a decline in the perceived value of such services.

Navigating Legal Dilemmas: A Shift in Client Requests

A common query among investigators relates to clients requesting illegal activities. This shift is a consequence of the diminishing value placed on traditional investigative services. Clients are seeking an investigator’s assistance only when the task involves activities they cannot or are unwilling to do themselves. The real question here is how investigators can evolve to offer more valuable and legal solutions.

Shifting Focus: Providing Solutions, Not Just Information

The future of the investigative industry lies in the ability to offer solutions rather than just information. Clients want answers, and investigators need to transform data into actionable intelligence. The analogy of a restaurant menu is apt – a menu item might cost the restaurant a fraction of what it’s priced at, but the value lies in presenting it as a complete, satisfying solution to the diner.

Crafting Solutions: The Path to Success

Investigators must adapt their methods to offer comprehensive solutions. This involves not only gathering information but synthesizing it into a coherent response. It’s about taking various documents, data, and details and presenting them as a single, clear solution to the client’s problem. The investigator’s role is to answer questions, alleviate concerns, and provide insights that the client might not have considered.

Thriving in the Future

As we move into 2022 and beyond, investigative agencies that can pivot from traditional services to solution-oriented approaches will thrive. Clients will recognize and appreciate the value of investigators who offer not just information but transformative insights and answers to their queries.

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