Greetings, savvy investors! Dave here from, and today’s video is tailor-made for our investor clients delving into the realm of foreclosure deals or eyeing auction properties. One burning question often surfaces: What liens or encumbrances will you, the investor, be held responsible for? Let’s unravel this intricate web and shed light on the factors that dictate your responsibilities.

The Foreclosure Landscape: A Tapestry of Liens

Foreclosure properties, by definition, have experienced financial distress, leading to a foreclosure process. Consequently, various types of liens may cling to these distressed properties, ranging from tax liens and second mortgages to HOA (Homeowners Association) liens. The crucial question is, what remains after the foreclosure, and who bears the responsibility?

Crucial Factors in Play

The journey begins with understanding two vital factors: the stage of foreclosure at the time of purchase and the type of lien in question. Different stages of the foreclosure process can wipe out specific liens, and the nature of the lien itself determines whether it persists after the foreclosure proceedings.

Stage Matters: Pre-Foreclosure, Auctions, and REO Sales

Investors should identify the stage at which they are entering the foreclosure process. Whether it’s a pre-foreclosure sale, a short sale, a sheriff’s auction, or an REO sale (after the bank reclaims the property), each stage carries its own dynamics regarding which liens endure.

Government Liens: Resilient Encumbrances

Certain encumbrances are more likely to persist, particularly those involving government entities. Tax liens and property taxes, for instance, are resilient and often transcend the foreclosure process. Municipal liens related to water or sewer may also withstand ownership transfers.

Navigating the Complexity: Private Liens and Second Mortgages

Private liens or second mortgages pose a unique challenge. While some may be lien-stripped or disappear post-foreclosure, it’s essential to consider multiple factors, including the type of sale, the property’s nature (commercial or residential), and the specifics of the original mortgage.

Mechanic’s Liens: Off-Title Validity

Mechanic’s liens add an extra layer of complexity. These liens, sometimes not recorded, might still hold validity. Investors must be aware that mechanic’s liens can have priority over other encumbrances and may not be subject to traditional recording requirements.

Due Diligence: Title Search vs. Sale Documents

The key to determining an investor’s responsibility lies in meticulous due diligence. Comparing the results of a comprehensive title search, ideally with attached lien documents, with the sale documents is crucial. This includes scrutinizing contracts, auction disclosures, and any announced clearances, offering a clear picture of what encumbrances persist.

Proactive Measures: Negotiating Lien Releases

Armed with knowledge, investors often find success in proactively seeking lien releases. Contacting lien holders and presenting yourself as a third-party investor, uninvolved in the original debt, can pave the way for obtaining lien releases or negotiated reductions.

Navigating IRS Tax Liens: A Potential Opportunity

Consider exploring negotiations with government entities, such as the IRS, regarding tax liens. Investors have successfully approached the Treasury Department, negotiating lower amounts to remove tax liens from the property. This strategic move provides investors with a unique advantage in property acquisition.

Consulting a Real Estate Attorney: A Wise Move

Given the multitude of variables and potential legal implications, investors are encouraged to consult with qualified real estate attorneys. These professionals can provide nuanced insights, ensuring that investors make informed decisions aligned with state statutes and county ordinances.

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