Hiring a private investigator to conduct an asset search could be the best decision you’ve ever made for your legal case or judgment. When you hire a private investigator to conduct an asset search, you’re getting someone who is highly trained in asset research — a trained professional.

Conducting an asset search on someone requires a lot of patience, persistence, and resources. Most people don’t have the time to sit down and run a background check on someone let alone conduct one with the intent of finding their assets Here are five great reasons why it is worth it to use a private investigator as part of your asset search.

Understanding of privacy laws by jurisdiction

A private investigator is going to know the laws surrounding privacy and can ensure they comply with the law. Every state has different privacy laws. For example, some states require two-party consent to record audio, meaning both people have to consent for the recording to be allowed. If you hire a private investigator that violates privacy laws, not only will the evidence be unusable, but you may also be held accountable in part for their illegal actions.

Access to technology and databases

A private investigator has the technology and access to databases that would make the investigation easier than conducting it yourself. A private investigator typically does not have any more power than a regular citizen, but due to their credentials, they may have access to data that is not easily accessible by most.

Experience and training

A private investigator has experience and training in conducting asset searches. Every private investigator must obtain a license and undergo a certain amount of training. A private investigator can objectively assess the results of their asset search and determine what is relevant to your case. If you conduct an asset search on your own, it can be difficult for you to assess whether or not the information is relevant or important in your case. However, when a private investigator conducts the asset search, they will be able to determine what is important and how it should be used in your case.

There may be hidden assets

The person or business you are dealing with might be hiding assets. These assets might include real estate, motor vehicles, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and more. Hidden assets can be very difficult to find. Some of the ways that assets can be hidden include the use of offshore corporations and accounts, the use of corporate entities such as LLCs and corporations to own assets and hide their ownership, holding assets in one person’s name when they really belong to another person such as marital property owned by a husband but titled in his wife’s name, etc. If you are entitled to some or all of these hidden assets then one of the best ways to get them back is to hire a private investigator to conduct an asset search.

Asset searches can help you collect a judgment.

Did you know that you can use the results from your asset search in court? Additionally, your private investigator can provide expert witness testimony. After conducting your asset search, you can use that evidence of assets to enforce a judgment.

If you want to obtain the most accurate, unbiased information on your case, hire a private investigator to conduct your asset search. They’ll be able to determine exactly what assets and evidence there are, which will give you a better idea of hidden and recoverable assets. A good private investigator can bring unique insights and skills that you might not be able to find elsewhere.