If you’re looking to hire an attorney for legal services, you may find that finding the right attorney for your case isn’t as simple as it may seem. Hiring an attorney is a very different process than most business transactions. For example, if you’re looking to purchase a car, the salesperson will be jumping at you for your business. To a car salesperson, they want to sell as many cars to as many clients as possible, regardless of the type of car. Attorney’s have specific practices of law and are looking to take on cases that match their area of expertise, not just any case that comes into their law firm. So how do you find the attorney that’s right for your case and willing to take you on as a client?

Tip #1: Look for alternative assistance

You may not need to hire an attorney right from the start. In some cases, it’s beneficial to look into alternative assistance. Companies and individuals that assist in alternative assistance can help you write cease and desist letters, demand letters, a notice of intent to sue, or even assist in negotiating a settlement. It’s usually easier to find someone to support you in this area rather than an attorney.

Tip #2: Contact multiple law firms

If you’re looking to find a good attorney, plan on speaking with seven or eight different law firms. Attorneys are looking for cases that match their specific practice area, but they also need to be in a place to take on new cases. Email the law firm or contact them through their website to ensure first that they’re taking on new clients, this way your time won’t be wasted speaking on the phone to a law firm that won’t be able to take your case.

Tip #3: Set up consultations and don’t be afraid to pay

Many attorneys offer a free consultation, but don’t be afraid to offer to pay. Paying for a consultation shows that you’re a willing and paying client for the law firm, and likely not too much of a risk. This also gives you a chance to speak directly with the attorney. Even if the attorney doesn’t end up taking you on as a client, you likely will walk away with valuable advice for your case that you can take to your next consultation.

Tip #4: Look for attorneys that are currently advertising

Attorney’s love to advertise that they’re taking on new clients, and typically those that aren’t advertising probably aren’t willing to take on your case. When searching through advertisements, don’t pick just any attorney that is advertising. Make sure the attorney or law firm you’re interested in matches your specific case. If you’re looking for a divorce attorney, avoid contacting firms that specialize in areas outside of this field as they likely will decline your case.

Tip #5: Try to get a referral

Referral business is very valuable in a legal setting. This helps the law firm or attorney network and build up their reputation. Contacting a law firm as a referral can be very beneficial for you as the client. Contact colleagues, associates, investigators, other professionals, or anyone who regularly deals with attorneys to see who they would recommend to take on your case.

Obtaining legal services can be a headache, but using these five tips can help you find the right attorney for your case.