If you suspect your Android, iPhone or other mobile device has been infected with malware, it’s crucial to act quickly to eliminate the malware before it can proliferate. 

Malware is a term for a variety of malicious software that can be installed on your phone remotely or in person. Once installed, a wide variety of unwanted actions can be performed, including stealing personal information, accessing contact lists and text messages, and even activating the microphone or camera on the device. There are a lot of signs that may indicate your phone has been infected with malware.

  1. Your phone is getting slower and slower.
  2. The battery drains faster than usual.
  3. Your phone has become unusually warm to the touch, even when it’s not charging.
  4. You see ads for specific products you’ve never searched for before.
  5. You notice random pop-ups that ask if you want to install an update, but no updates are available in your settings.
  6. You notice new apps being downloaded to your device that you did not previously download.
  7. Your phone has made calls or sent texts without your permission.
  8. You notice that apps will seem to randomly open on their own.

What to do if malware is installed on your phone

If you find that your phone is infected with malware, first don’t panic. Second, you’ll want to back up and factory reset your phone. The factory reset setting will restore your phone to its factory settings, removing all data from the device. This should eliminate the connection to the device, however, it will not eliminate information obtained by the malware and stored off of the device. Be sure to closely monitor your bank statement, credit card statement, and any other financial account connected to your phone to ensure no suspicious activity is taking place.

Malware is sneaky and often hidden in images, links, emails, and text messages. While there is no perfect way to prevent malware from infecting a device, you can take steps to protect yourself by regularly updating your phone and monitoring your usage to ensure you’re the only person using the device.

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