Greetings, property enthusiasts! At, we understand that questions surrounding the confidentiality of title searches are quite common. Today, let’s delve into the intriguing query: Does a title search itself leave any record on the property title? Dave, once again, is here to provide clarity on this matter.

The Mystery of Title Searches

In the realm of real estate transactions, the title search process is a crucial step. However, there’s a common misconception that the very act of conducting a title search might leave a noticeable mark on the property title. Dave is here to dispel that myth.

The View-Only Nature of Title Searches

Dave emphasizes that a title search is purely a research and view-only process. Certified title examiners delve into the depths of title records, retrieving documents from courthouses, archives, microfilm, and deed books. However, the crucial point to note is that this process is entirely anonymous.

No Trace Left Behind

When a certified title examiner conducts a title search, they are solely reviewing and examining documents. This meticulous scrutiny, however, doesn’t create any record of activity on the property title. Importantly, it doesn’t generate new public documents in the records.

A Private Contract

Dave underscores that a title search is a private contract between and the client. This confidentiality extends to the fact that the transaction does not leave any record in court records or title records. It’s akin to a private agreement between two parties.

Similar to a Storage Purchase

To illustrate the point further, Dave draws a parallel between title records and buying something at a storage facility. Just as a purchase at a storage facility is a private contract, a title search operates similarly—no public record of the transaction is created.

Anonymous Purchase Transactions

In some cases, there might be purchase transactions at courthouses involving buying document copies. However, Dave assures that even in these scenarios, the process remains anonymous. The payment methods are structured to avoid creating a record that any specific document was retrieved—only the document itself is acknowledged.

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Clarity in Real Estate Transactions

Rest assured that a title search is a confidential and discreet process. It’s designed to empower you with information about the property without leaving a trace on the title records. At, transparency is key, and we’re here to address any queries you may have about the intricacies of title searches.