Nowadays, many people may not be aware that they could be victims of cyberstalking. Before technology, if someone wanted to harass or surveil you, they had to do it in person. However, with the use of the internet and advanced tools, cyberstalking has become much more common and easier for potential perpetrators to execute against innocent victims. This could manifest as online extortion, where someone collects information or contact details about you and demands payment or action, spreading rumors, or making threats. In many jurisdictions, cyberstalking is a crime and is punishable by law. If you are a victim, seek advice from an attorney to explore your legal options.

If you suspect or know that you’re being cyber-stalked, check out our website. There are sections dedicated to detecting cyber-stalking and identifying the parties behind it by tracking IP addresses, hidden phone numbers, and other breadcrumbs or footprints left by the person. Even if the person thinks they’re anonymous behind their keyboard, every keyboard is connected to the message through IP addresses, logins, ISPs, and other anonymizer techniques. Sometimes hidden files on their own computer can also be detected. If you’re a victim or concerned about cyber-stalking, our website offers simple methods to flush out the activity and identify the person and location where the cyber-stalking is coming from.

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