11 07, 2023

Full Asset Search Investigation

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A thorough asset investigation is essential for judgment holders and strategic litigation planning as it helps identify and document a debtor or counterparty's asset holdings. This information is crucial for targeting garnishment or seizure, demonstrating asset concealment or bad faith, and taking preventive measures against asset value erosion. A professional asset search conducted by a licensed investigator provides a comprehensive documented status of the debtor's true wealth position. This search encompasses government records, banking [...]

11 07, 2023

4-Way Bank Account Search

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Bank account searches are commonly performed for attorneys and law firms who have clients in litigation. This can be for judgment enforcement, asset recovery from fraud, or pre-litigation evaluation. For consumers, asset searches are requested for divorce and probate cases, along with proper due diligence for financial evaluation. Bank search results include the name of the financial institutions, account and routing numbers, full or truncated, along with extrapolated balance figures. Each method of searching [...]

11 07, 2023

OSINT Bank Account Search

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The OSINT method is a process of researching large volumes of open source records from government sources, reported transactions, employment activity, recorded payments, and other public access to discover banking relationships. The result of the OSINT bank account records search is a report displaying all accounts discovered Book Consultation