Hello, and welcome to this insightful discussion on obtaining a fast yet accurate title search, especially when time is of the essence. I’m Dave from TitleSearch.com, and in this video, we’ll unravel the steps to expedite your title search while ensuring precision, particularly in critical scenarios.

The Urgency of ETA: Critical Events and Title Searches

When dealing with critical events like foreclosure auctions, impending court cases, bail bonds, SBA loans, FEMA disaster relief, or insurance claims, the urgency of obtaining a title search cannot be overstated. However, a standard title search requires seven to 12 man-hours of research and analysis. So, how do we minimize this time while maximizing accuracy?

Efficient Setup: The Foundation for Speed

Efficiency starts with proper setup. Before transmitting information to abstractors in the field or various courthouses, thorough research of legal descriptions, owner names, and APN numbers is imperative. This groundwork ensures that abstractors can start their work without the need for additional research, saving valuable time.

Transmission of Information: Utilizing Text Messages for Efficiency

To communicate efficiently with abstractors, we employ a text message system. Unlike phone calls that are restricted in records rooms, text messages provide the necessary details—legal descriptions, APN numbers, and names—without disruptions. In urgent situations, we may even assign different tasks to various individuals, enabling parallel processing in different record-keeping areas.

Document Retrieval: Streamlining the Process

Abstractors retrieve deeds, liens, mortgages, and releases promptly. Instead of abstracting in the courthouse, we opt to scan and return these documents to the Home Office. This strategic move ensures that abstracting doesn’t consume valuable time in the records room, allowing for the continuous flow of document retrieval.

Certified Abstract Production: The Key to Timely Results

Creating a certified title abstract is pivotal, and it is our top priority. This document, containing lien, mortgage, and deed information, is crucial for clients awaiting results. The assembly line process involves pulling documents, reading through them, and sending them back to the Home Office for abstraction. Once the certified title abstract is complete, it’s scanned, converted into a PDF file, and sent electronically to the client in real-time.

Oversight and Management: Smooth Air Traffic Control

Maintaining good oversight and management is akin to air traffic control. Identifying bottlenecks, correcting errors in APN numbers, or resolving issues with commercial property searches ensures a streamlined process. In urgent cases like foreclosures or court cases, every effort is made to expedite the search to meet critical deadlines.

Reach Out for Fast, Reliable Title Searches

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