At AFX Search, our licensed investigators specialize in the challenging task of uncovering hidden assets. Many of our clients approach us with judgments, lawsuits, or debts from third parties who have cleverly concealed their assets. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the three main types of hidden assets and share insights on how our investigations lead to successful discoveries.

Types of Hidden Assets

  1. Assets with Nominee Trustees or Outside Vesting:
    • These are assets like homes, cars, or bank accounts registered under someone else’s name, often using nominee trustees or alternative vesting methods to divert attention.
  2. Non-Titled Assets:
    • Assets such as cash or poker chips that lack a specific title or associated name, making them easy to manipulate and hide.
  3. Intangible Assets:
    • Includes business goodwill, patents, copyrights, or cash flows from various sources, representing assets with no physical form.

The Art of Asset Detection

The key to uncovering hidden assets lies in understanding the flow of funds, conversion events, and ongoing support mechanisms.

  1. Flow of Funds:
    • Identifying how assets flow into hidden or non-titled assets provides valuable insights. Even if the assets are not readily apparent, tracing the money trail can lead to their discovery.
  2. Conversion Events:
    • When assets are converted into hidden forms, a conversion event occurs. While these events may seem elusive, our investigative efforts focus on detecting these critical moments, making concealment challenging.
  3. Ongoing Support Mechanisms:
    • Every hidden asset requires maintenance and support, whether it’s a house, yacht, aircraft, or valuable jewelry. These support mechanisms, including repairs, insurance, and taxes, leave a trace that can be identified through careful investigation.

Access Points: Following the Trail

Regardless of how well-hidden an asset may be, those who possess valuable items inevitably seek to access and use them. AFX Search employs various strategies to follow the trail:

  1. ATM Usage:
    • For hidden cash or bank accounts, access often occurs through ATM transactions. Surveillance and tracking can reveal these access points.
  2. Travel Records:
    • For out-of-town real estate or vacation properties, examining travel records helps pinpoint locations where individuals frequent regularly.
  3. Forensics on Documents:
    • In-depth examination of documents, including forensic analysis, proves invaluable in uncovering concealed assets.

No Asset is Truly Invisible

AFX Search operates under the belief that no asset can be made entirely invisible. Whether it’s a home in a relative’s name, hidden cash, or intangible assets, our investigators are equipped to follow the money trail, detect conversion events, and unveil the ongoing support mechanisms behind each hidden asset.

If you find yourself facing a situation where assets are concealed from you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit our website at or give us a call. We specialize in making the seemingly invisible, visible. Trust AFX Search to navigate the intricate landscape of hidden assets on your behalf.