There are several reasons why missing persons cases are so difficult. Either the missing person has purposely disappeared, or their disappearance suggests that they were kidnapped. In either scenario, private investigators will have to utilize all of their resources in order to track down the individual online and hopefully locate them unharmed. Here are four methods that can be utilized to track down missing individuals online. 

Searching public records

Private investigators are able to search for people by using databases, public records, and other sources of information. If you need to find someone for any reason, a private investigator can help you with the process. The first step that private investigators take when tracing a missing person is to search public records. This includes birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and other documents that are available in county courthouses across the country.

Investigating social media accounts

A private investigator can use social media to learn more about the person they’re investigating. They can use their own profiles on various platforms to interact with the missing person in order to gain valuable information. Private investigators can also use the platforms themselves to gather information.

Private investigators have access to a lot of different sources of information, and social media is one of the best ways they can make contact with people who might know something useful. With the help of Facebook or Twitter, for instance, a private investigator can quickly reach out to see if anyone has heard from or knows anything about the missing individual. They might be able to learn more about the person’s lifestyle or associations through their posts and photos, or even find people who were previously unknown but now could be potential leads for the case.

Investigating cell phone records

Private investigators can learn about a missing person by investigating the person’s cell phone records. A cell phone is more than just a way to communicate with others—it can also be a valuable tool in the investigation process. Private investigators often examine the records of cell phone activity that pertain to missing persons, since they can provide information on where the missing person was, who they were talking to, and what they may have been doing during that time.

Additionally, if the missing person’s cell phone or other electronic devices were left behind, a private investigator can conduct digital forensics to uncover data from those devices.

Investigating bank account information

Private investigators can find out more about someone by investigating the financial information associated with them. The financial institution will provide access to the person’s bank account transactions, and these records can help the investigator make an educated guess about where the missing person might have gone. For example, if there are ATM withdrawals or bill payments to locations far away from the last known whereabouts of the person, it may indicate that they have moved away.

There are many ways that private investigators search for missing persons online, these are often the top four used to get started. Private investigators combine investigative and technological skills with a vast network of training resources to help people find their missing loved ones. They use their expertise in both fields to provide this vital service to those in need. At the end of the day, no one should have to suffer through the agonizing pain of not knowing where a loved one is.

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