The most common type of investigation requested is an asset search. Depending upon your need for an asset search there are many parts of it, if not all of it, that you can do yourself. If you have the time and the desire to do the research yourself, then you typically don’t need to pay or hire a private investigator to do the asset search. If deciding to do the asset search on your own, first you’ll want to decide which of the five asset categories to search.

Five categories of assets:

  • Hard assets (e.g. vehicles, vessels, etc.)
  • Real estate assets (e.g. property deeds, etc.)
  • Intangible assets (e.g. domain names, intellectual property, etc.) 
  • Corporate assets (e.g. corporate interests, etc.) 
  • Bank accounts (e.g. bank accounts, cash equivalents, etc.)

So doing each one of those searches is something you can do on your own. Each one is a separate type of search, but there are no parts of it that you can’t do yourself. No matter what type of asset search you want to do, all of the steps are something that private individuals can do for themselves as long as you’re doing it for your own use. You cannot resell asset searches to the public unless you’re a licensed investigator, but if you’re doing a search for the purpose only of your own use, maybe it’s a debtor that you have a lawsuit against, or maybe it’s a relative that owes you money, those are the kinds of asset searches you can do yourself without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to an investigator to get the exact same result.

Do It Yourself Asset Search

Looking for a way to do your own asset search? Active Intel offers a do-it-yourself option, allowing you to track down the assets of any person or business.

diy asset search sample report