So if all you have is an old address for a person that’s no longer valid how do you find out where they are now? Where have they moved to, where’s their new address? 

Well, there’s a method you can use with the post office by writing them a letter to their old address and writing at the top “return service requested” and the post office will mail you back a piece of mail that’ll have their new address on it. You can actually even find some of these forwarding mail addresses without the person knowing. This method uses mailing standards section 507 of the US mail treatment of undeliverable first-class mail. What do they do when it says return service requested? They will send you back this yellow label with the new address on it. So by using an existing US post office procedure, you can track down the next address in the chain of events where that person might be. Finding the address of where a person is now can be done on your own without spending a lot of money hiring an investigator. 

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