In the realm of investigations, one of the most commonly requested services is an asset search. Whether you’re an individual looking to explore someone’s financial background or an attorney representing a client, the need to unveil hidden assets is prevalent. The good news is that, as a client or an attorney, you now have the option to conduct a significant portion of the asset search yourself, saving valuable resources in the process.

The Cost of Professional Asset Searches

A comprehensive asset search conducted by a licensed investigator, encompassing bank accounts, vehicles, and various records, can often approach the $2,000 mark. A significant portion of this cost is attributed to the labor involved—investigators dedicating hours to look up data and records. However, there’s an alternative that allows you to take matters into your own hands and cut down on expenses.

Save Money with a DIY Approach

Active Intelcom provides a unique solution for those seeking to save money on asset searches. For less than $100, you can receive a prepared DIY asset search kit. This kit includes all the essential logins, links, and data sources tailored to your specific investigative subject. By doing some of the legwork yourself, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of the search.

What You Can Investigate Yourself

The DIY asset search kit covers a range of areas, including bank accounts, vehicles, corporate records, and real estate. Active Intelcom equips you with all the necessary information—links, logins, and data sources—so you can delve into the details without the need for extensive investigator labor.

Third-Party Costs and Transparency

While most of the legwork can be done independently, it’s essential to note that certain third-party sources may incur minor costs. For instance, some counties might charge a nominal fee for property deeds or documents, and certain states may charge for access to vehicle records. Bank account searches, especially for complex cases, might involve additional expenses. However, the potential savings from conducting the majority of the search yourself are substantial.

Your Options on Active Intelcom’s Website

Visit Active Intelcom’s website and navigate to the asset searches section to explore your options. For $1,807, you can opt for the full-service asset search conducted by professionals. Alternatively, for less than $100, you can obtain a DIY asset search kit, empowering you to initiate and manage the investigation independently.

Consultation and Assistance

Active Intelcom doesn’t leave you to navigate this process alone. In addition to providing comprehensive information on the investigative subject, including addresses, records location, associates, and colleagues, the team is available for consultation. If you need further assistance or insights during your DIY asset search, the experts at Active Intelcom are ready to help.

Taking control of your asset search doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. With the DIY asset search option from Active Intelcom, you can save money while still obtaining valuable information. Explore the possibilities on the website and decide the approach that best suits your needs and budget.