Have you ever met someone on a dating site, on social media, or even in real life, and felt something was fishy? Regardless of the situation, when you’ve encountered the same person using different profiles on multiple sites, it’s easy to become suspicious.

Reverse image search is a tool by Google to query an image to see where else it is used on the internet. This can help you find the source of the image, where else the image is used, to find similar images, or find out if someone has used your images without permission.

How to reverse image search:

Step 1: Begin by opening the Chrome browser and navigating to www.images.google.com

Step 2: Click on the camera icon in the search bar

Step 3: Choose an image to upload and click “search” or paste an image URL. You can also drag and drop an image into the search bar to perform a reverse image search.

Step 4: You’ll immediately see a list of results that show where your chosen image can be found online (including where they were posted).

With the tides of online scams rising higher and higher each year, it’s become more important than ever to be cautious on the internet. Fortunately, there are tools like reverse image search you can use to identify scammers with a quick click of your mouse. Perhaps more significant, you can also use this tool to discover original sources for any images you find on the web.

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