As we step into the year 2021, it’s customary to reflect on the prevalent types of cases clients sought assistance with in the previous year. At our investigative agency, both direct requests and those through our TeleClient Consultation Video Platform offer insights into the evolving landscape of investigative needs. Here’s a roundup of the top five types of cases that dominated our caseload, particularly towards the end of 2020.

1. Asset Search and Recovery: Unveiling the Hidden Trail

Asset search and recovery consistently secure a top spot, driven by the need to locate concealed or converted assets. These cases often arise from various triggers, including family events like divorces or probate disputes, as well as legal actions such as judgments or lawsuits. The complexity of these searches lies in the diversity of asset classes, extending beyond conventional bank accounts to include corporate assets and other hidden categories.

2. Online Scams: The Rise of Digital Deception

Surging from not even ranking in the top 10 to securing the second spot within the last two years, online scams have become a prevalent challenge. Individuals fall victim to scams orchestrated through platforms like Instagram or Facebook, often originating in social media interactions. These scams encompass a spectrum, from promises of high investment returns to fraudulent real estate or bitcoin schemes. Asset searches are frequently intertwined with these cases, emphasizing the financial nature of the deception.

3. Electronic Device Data: Unearthing Digital Clues

The demand for electronic device data investigations has surged, driven by the need to extract information from phones and mobile devices. Clients seek forensic examination to recover deleted text messages, photos, GPS histories, and more. This category of cases is common in fraud investigations and divorce proceedings. Advances in forensic tools have significantly enhanced the ability to uncover hidden data and files, making this a prominent type of case in recent times.

4. Corporate Fraud: Safeguarding Business Interests

Corporate fraud investigations continue to be a steady presence in the top five. Business owners seek assistance when employees, vendors, or customers divert funds, inventory, or assets through fraudulent means. Trusted employees, including bookkeepers or long-time managers, sometimes exploit commercial procedures to channel company resources for personal gain. Unraveling corporate fraud and embezzlement remains a crucial investigative focus.

5. Divorce and Death Investigations: Navigating Family Dynamics

Divorce and death investigations round off the top five, often addressing not only asset-related concerns but also broader family law issues. These cases involve intricate matters such as child support, visitation rights, custodial rights, or property division in divorce cases. In the context of a deceased family member, investigations may focus on power of attorney, executor status, and ensuring proper adherence to legal procedures.

A Note on Legal Advice:

While our investigative agency provides valuable data, it’s essential to seek legal advice from qualified attorneys before taking any action. Professional investigations can offer robust support in legal cases by providing documented facts from licensed private investigators.

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