Hello, everyone! Dave from TitleSearch.com here, and in today’s video, we’re diving deep into the world of researching foreclosure properties or foreclosure investments. Many of our clients are actively involved in foreclosure auctions or tax auctions, and we’ve gathered insights on the extensive research and due diligence required for a prospective investment. Let’s break down the key areas you should focus on during your research.

1. Neighborhood Analysis

Begin your research by scrutinizing the neighborhood:

  • Property Trends: Assess the trending nature of the street or area. Are property values increasing or decreasing? Is there a shift towards more rental properties or owner-occupied homes?

2. Property Value Assessment

Dig into the property values:

  • Sales Price Trends: Investigate if there’s a consistent trend in sales prices. Determine if the neighborhood is on the rise or facing a decline in property values.

3. Historical Overview

Examine the historical context:

  • Foreclosure Patterns: Understand the history of foreclosures in the area. Identify potential patterns, such as a batch of refinancing leading to increased foreclosures.

4. Title Search and Lien Research

Mitigate risks with thorough title research:

  • Liens and Judgments: Given the financial distress of foreclosure properties, there’s a higher likelihood of title issues. Investigate potential liens, judgments, or unpaid tax assessments.

5. Permit Analysis

Check for any open permits related to the property:

  • Permit Status: Determine if there are any outstanding permits for work on the property. Open permits may pose challenges for future renovations or improvements.

6. Property Condition Inspection

Assess the condition of the property:

  • Accessibility: While you may face limitations in reviewing the interior, explore clever techniques to gather insights. Seek existing tenants’ cooperation, utilize online listing photos, or inspect the exterior for clues on the property’s condition.

7. Risk Mitigation through Research

Investors typically allocate 50 to 55 hours for in-depth research, emphasizing risk mitigation. Thorough research enables informed decisions, ensuring that the bid aligns with the property’s value and potential liabilities.

8. Seeking Professional Assistance

Consider hiring certified title examiners for efficient and accurate title abstracts. Professional assistance can streamline the process and provide a comprehensive overview of title-related risks.

Empowering Your Foreclosure Investment Journey

Researching foreclosure properties demands a multifaceted approach. From neighborhood analysis to title research and property condition assessment, each aspect plays a pivotal role in your investment decision-making.

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