Hello, everyone! Dave from TitleSearch.com here, and in today’s video, we’re delving into the world of UCC filings—a specific type of lien or claim against a property, often encountered in commercial real estate transactions. Let’s unravel the intricacies of UCC filings and their significance in real estate dealings.

1. Defining UCC Filing

  • UCC: UCC stands for Universal Commercial Code. It is a federal system providing a standardized process for filing and recording legal notices of claim against personal property, excluding real estate.

2. Common in Commercial Properties

  • Usage: While UCC filings can technically occur on residential properties, they are predominantly associated with commercial real estate transactions.

3. UCC-1 Form: Encumbering Personal Property

  • Purpose: The UCC-1 form serves as a legal notice of claim against non-real estate or personal property. It is commonly utilized when the property in question is not actual real estate but still needs to be encumbered.

4. Securing Business Fixtures

  • Example: Consider scenarios in businesses, like a restaurant with specialized equipment or a manufacturing plant with machinery. If these business fixtures are financed, lenders may use UCC filings to secure their interest in these fixtures.

5. Recording with Real Estate Documents

  • Attachment to Real Estate: In cases where business fixtures are attached to the real estate, UCC filings may be recorded with real estate documents. This notifies potential buyers or investors about encumbrances related to trade fixtures on the property.

6. Importance in Commercial Property Searches

  • Crucial Element: UCC filings are a vital part of commercial property searches, especially when dealing with trade fixtures. Including UCC filings in your research ensures a comprehensive understanding of potential encumbrances.

7. Recording Locations

  • Varied Locations: UCC filings may be recorded in different locations. While they are commonly found in land records, they can also exist in Secretary of State records or other specific repositories depending on state regulations.

8. Commercial Property Department at TitleSearch.com

  • Expert Assistance: If you’re navigating a commercial real estate transaction and need guidance on UCC filings, our dedicated commercial property department at TitleSearch.com is here to help. Reach out to us with your questions or requirements.

Navigate Commercial Transactions with Confidence

In conclusion, understanding UCC filings is crucial when dealing with commercial real estate transactions, especially where business fixtures are involved. Including UCC filings in your research toolkit ensures a thorough assessment of potential encumbrances and allows you to navigate transactions with confidence.

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