In the realm of family law, divorce, and infidelity cases, licensed private investigators have long been the silent witnesses to unraveling mysteries and uncovering hidden truths. Traditionally confined to surveillance, investigators would tail subjects, observing late-night rendezvous or covert liaisons. However, the landscape of investigative services has transformed, with two distinct areas taking precedence in today’s complex cases: Asset Searches and DNA Forensics.

Asset Searches: Navigating the Complex Web of Concealed Finances

In contemporary divorce cases, the stakes are higher than ever, often involving substantial assets reaching into the hundreds of thousands. Parties seeking a divorce may attempt to conceal assets and obscure bank accounts, necessitating investigations to trace these financial maneuvers. Licensed private investigators now employ sophisticated techniques to navigate the intricate web of hidden finances, ensuring a comprehensive examination of the financial landscape.

DNA Forensics: Unveiling Truths Beyond the Surface

Unlike traditional surveillance methods, DNA forensics has emerged as a powerful tool in investigative services, especially in cases of suspected infidelity. No longer bound by the constraints of physical observation, investigators can analyze existing items for crucial DNA evidence. This includes articles of clothing, bed sheets, vehicle seats, and even personal items like hairbrushes.

How DNA Forensics Works:

  1. Collection of Samples: Investigators collect samples from items associated with a specific timeframe, such as clothing worn during a suspected period of infidelity or bed linens from a particular date.
  2. Laboratory Analysis: These samples undergo meticulous laboratory analysis, revealing the presence of DNA that does not belong to the marital party.
  3. Exclusionary Evidence: By comparing the obtained DNA with exclusionary evidence, such as the DNA of the spouses, investigators can conclusively determine if a third party was present in the scenario.

The Power of DNA in Relationship Investigations

In situations where doubt clouds the fidelity of a partner, DNA forensics offers a discreet and conclusive method to ascertain the truth. From the gender of the individual to various forensic markers, the analysis provides valuable insights, potentially putting an end to lingering questions.

Affordability and Accessibility:

Contrary to popular belief, DNA forensics is a reasonably priced investigative service. Most investigations can be conducted for a few hundred dollars, making it an accessible option for those seeking clarity in their relationships.

Beyond DNA: A Gateway to Comprehensive Investigations

While DNA forensics can swiftly resolve doubts about infidelity, its applications extend beyond relationship concerns. Licensed investigators can delve into phone records, electronic activities, and deleted data, offering a holistic approach to investigative services.

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