Greetings and welcome to the NALTEA Conference! This is Dave Pellegrinelli, one of your board members, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary event. Our presence on the West Coast is a significant milestone for NALTEA, marking our first conference in this region in quite a long time.

Certification: Elevating Your Expertise

One of the most exciting developments for NALTEA right now is the emphasis on certification. If you’re a member and haven’t yet explored the benefits of becoming a NALTEA Certified Abstractor, now is the time to consider it. Certification provides a substantial credential that enhances your professional standing, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of title searches. For more details, connect with Debbie Merrill, one of our Education Committee Chairs, during the event.

A Weekend Among the Best

Throughout this weekend, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the best in the industry. NALTEA boasts the highest-skilled abstractors, and this conference is a unique opportunity to network, learn, and share knowledge with your peers. Engage with our esteemed speakers, including Ron Blocker from Fidelity National and Deborah Conway, the Clark County Recorder based right here in Las Vegas. Kevin Goose, managing the abstract network at Parasect, will also share valuable insights.

Meet Your Officers and Speakers

Your officers, including Ed Gunther, Tamiko Weasley, Joe Kissel, Debbie Murrow, Doug Gallant, Peter After, and Juan Strietzel, will be present at the conference. Take advantage of this chance to engage with them, gather information, and build connections.

Next Year’s Conference in Ohio: A Special Anniversary

Looking ahead, our next conference is scheduled in Ohio, marking the 10-year anniversary of NALTEA. Make sure not to miss this milestone event. While you’re here in Las Vegas, enjoy the experience, soak in the knowledge, but remember, as I always say, “Have fun but don’t have too much fun.”

A Year of Growth and Development

Let’s make the most of this conference, exchanging ideas and insights that will propel our industry forward in 2014. Whether you’re seeking professional growth, industry updates, or valuable connections, the NALTEA Conference is the place to be. Here’s to a successful and enriching event!

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