Hi, this is Dave from TitleSearch.com, and today we’re addressing a common question: What factors contribute to delays in completing a title search? Understanding the intricacies of this 7 to 10 man-hour process can shed light on potential hurdles and help manage expectations. Let’s dive into the details.

The Anatomy of a Title Search

A typical residential property title search involves scouring various records rooms across different courthouses or deed rooms. This process includes researching data recorder files, civil court records, probate records, UCC records, pathology records, and assessors’ records. The objective is to compile a comprehensive history of the property, a task that generally takes 7 to 10 man-hours over one to three business days.

Key Factors Influencing Timeframes

  1. Order Placement Time: The time an order comes in plays a crucial role. If it arrives on a Friday afternoon, the search may not commence until Monday. However, early submissions allow for preliminary in-house research.
  2. Weekend Impact: Weekends also factor in. While basic and expanded searches are available online, expanded searches, involving document copies, can be expedited as they allow after-hours work.
  3. Property Complexity: Foreclosure properties, commercial properties, or those with multiple transfers may present complex records, requiring more time for retrieval and analysis.
  4. Common Owner Names: Properties with common owner names may extend the search duration. The need to sift through numerous records to identify the relevant documents can be time-consuming.
  5. Archive Documents: Some counties maintain archive records, limiting immediate public access. Retrieving such documents can introduce delays.
  6. Records Office Procedures: Varying procedures at records offices, from direct access to microfilm retrieval, can influence search speed.
  7. Address Ambiguity: Locating the legal description of a property, distinct from its street address, may cause delays, especially if the address is ambiguous or shared by multiple properties.

Navigating Potential Delays: Planning Ahead

TitleSearch.com offers rush options for those with specific timeframes. Communicating your time constraints in advance allows for a faster turnaround by allocating additional resources to your search.

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