Hello, Dave here from TitleSearch.com! Today, let’s unravel the mystery behind some common terms you encounter in real estate documents, such as liens, mortgages, and deeds. Understanding the roles of grantors and grantees is key to navigating the intricacies of property transactions.

Decoding Grantors and Grantees

On a typical real estate document, parties are identified as either grantors or grantees. But what exactly do these terms mean?

  • Grantor: The grantor is the party that grants away rights to a property. In simpler terms, they are the seller relinquishing property rights. For example, in a property deed, the individual selling the property is the grantor.
  • Grantee: On the flip side, the grantee is the recipient of property rights. In the context of a property deed, the grantee is the buyer acquiring rights to the property.

Navigating Different Documents

Now, let’s explore how these roles play out in various real estate documents:

  1. Property Deed: In a property deed, the grantor is the seller, transferring property rights to the grantee, who is the buyer.
  2. Mortgage: During a property sale where the buyer secures a mortgage loan, the roles momentarily switch. The borrower (buyer) becomes the grantor on the mortgage, as they are granting property rights to the mortgage company. This happens simultaneously with the deed signing.

Understanding the Dual Role

In some transactions, you might notice the same individual assuming different roles almost simultaneously. For instance, Joe Smith, buying a property, would be the grantee on the deed and, within moments, the grantor on the mortgage as they secure a loan for the property.

Lien Considerations

In the case of a lien, the grantor is also the debtor—the party against whom the lien is placed. It’s important to differentiate these roles depending on the type of document, whether it’s a loan, deed, mortgage, or lien.

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