Greetings! Dave here from, and today let’s delve into a common query that often arises in the realm of real estate transactions: What exactly is a preliminary title search, or as it’s commonly referred to, a prelim?

Unveiling the Preliminary Title Search

A preliminary title search, or prelim, is essentially a basic report about a property that provides key information regarding ownership, liens, mortgages, and other pertinent details. This concise report serves as an initial overview, offering a snapshot of a property’s title history without delving into the depth of a full-blown title search.

Purposes and Utility of a Preliminary Title Search

In most cases, a preliminary title search is sought to determine the viability of a property for various purposes. These may include:

  1. Property Purchase: Prospective buyers often request a prelim to assess the property’s title status before making a purchase.
  2. Lending Considerations: Lenders may utilize preliminary title searches to evaluate the risks associated with a property before extending loans.
  3. Title Insurance: Title insurance companies may use prelims to provide a rough idea of potential title issues and assess insurability.

Tailoring the Prelim to Specific Needs

The extent and depth of information provided in a preliminary title search can vary based on the purpose and the preferences of the client. Some clients may require a more detailed report, while others may find a basic overview sufficient.

When seeking or ordering a preliminary title search, it’s crucial to communicate the specific requirements and criteria with the service provider. Understanding the purpose of the search enables the provider to tailor the report accordingly, ensuring it meets the client’s expectations.

Key Components of a Preliminary Title Search

Typically, a prelim is a one to two-page report that includes essential details such as:

  • Ownership Information
  • Existing Liens
  • Outstanding Mortgages
  • Deed Information

Unlike a certified title abstract, a preliminary title search may not adhere strictly to a specific format. It might also leverage unofficial or electronic records, depending on the preferences of the user.

Acceptable Margins of Error

In some cases, users of preliminary title searches may allow a certain degree of error. If the search is primarily for internal analysis or property evaluation, a prelim could be deemed acceptable. However, it’s crucial to recognize that the difference between a preliminary title search and a full title search might not be substantial when comprehensive due diligence is required.

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