Discovering an affair during a business trip.

The prospect of an unfaithful spouse or relationship partner is a significant life event. The fear or anger triggered when wondering whether a partner could be unfaithful will sometimes prevent a complete consideration of the idea or the decision to take action.

For many of our clients the definitive knowledge of whether a spouse is trustworthy or not is an empowering event. It allows for clear decision-making and beginning the process of getting stronger. For all of the “Signs of a Cheating Spouse” lists, the single most accurate indicator is your gut feeling.

Cheating spouses are typically very careful when being unfaithful, especially when close to home. A cheater will let down their guard when traveling since there is the perception that their spouse or partner will not have the ability to walk in on them. Travel to an exciting destination is also a perfect opportunity to develop a closer romantic relationship with their mistress or boyfriend. The thrill of being in a remote destination with their girlfriend without having to watch out for a spouse showing up, or having a deadline to be home by a certain time adds to the factors which make the cheater to be more open with their activities.

Most married people do not have the opportunity to travel without their spouse. Work related conventions and trade shows are the big exceptions to this. Infidelity at these types of events is extremely common whether with a mistress they have brought with them, or a prostitute. Our relationship investigations use this opportunity to discover infidelity to provide secure knowledge to the spouse left back home. Knowing that a husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend is with another person is valuable information to make important life decisions, or even just to know for sure that your office affairssuspicions are justified. If the subject is innocent, that is even better news, and can result in a stronger relationship without mistrust or fear that there is something going on.

Work related travel events are even more dangerous because of the potential for relationships between co-workers. According to Live Science, office romances are so tempting that over one-third of them end in marriage. Work related travel

AFX Search can arrange an investigation to document the activities of your spouse or partner while traveling so that you will have the answers you need to confidently pursue a secure life choices.

  • Is the subject met by someone at the airport?
  • Does he/she travel alone, or is there a companion on the plane?
    • We have the ability to observe the subject immediately as they exit the aircraft, inside the gate area.
  • Does the subject go directly to the convention venue or hotel, or do they visit some other destination?
  • Does the subject check in to their own room, or stay in another room?
  • Is there another person staying in their room, or visiting?
  • Do they attend conference events alone or with a date?
  • Do they behave appropriatelyat dinners or events?
    • We have the ability to be present to conference events for covert observation
  • Is there romantic or affectionate  behavior?
  • Does the subject become intoxicated?
  • Is there excessive gambling?
  • Is there prostitution activity?
  • Are there trips to other areas?
    • We have the ability to monitor rental car usage, and inspect vehicle for activities
  • Are hidden bank accounts or funds used for entertaining others, gambling, etc.?
  • We can discover assets which may be concealed from the relationship
  • Do the activities of the subject match what is being represented to you?
    • We can stay in contact with the client to compare what your spouse is telling you about their activities with what is observed.
  • Are there purchases of gifts, room service, spa services, or excursions for another partner?

We will create an investigative itinerary around the schedule of the trip, and take into account your needs for particular answers. The final report can contain documented observations, photos, video, receipts, and other evidence such as clothing. We can even obtain items which can be used for DNA testing if needed.

Relationship investigations are a serious matter. The future security, finances, and the well-being of yourself and family is dependant upon trust in your life partner.

We understand the feelings which are associated with infidelity, and will create a solution to meet the needs you have.

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