The changes to economic conditions are having a negative affect on some employees honesty and integrity. Cases of embezzlement, internal fraud, theft, and money laundering are on the rise. A wide range of employees from entry level to executives are discovered taking advantage of companies. One recent case found that a sales executive making $280,000 was stealing $700 per month from their employer. This was a 8 year veteran of the firm.

Whether a company suspects some fraud and wants to find it, or if they want to review their internal procedures to prevent it from happening in the first place, a professional investigative agency can help secure the hard earned profits of a company. After having seem a multitude of employee fraud, an investigator can pinpoint to weak points in a companies operations based on where theft and embezzlement typically occurs. It may be a vulnerability in physical security, such as an unsecured door bear the parking lot and near unlocked merchandise. It may be employee access to sensitive customer info such as social security numbers. It might be a process for handling payables which allows an employee to set up ghost vendors to diver funds.

A combination of analyzing procedures, and even subtle and covert observation of employees discovers ongoing theft, or even prevent theft about to happen. Once informed, the client firm can handle it however they want. Some prefer to dispose of the situation privately depending upon the circumstances. Proper documentation of the scheme allows minimizing the loss, and also making it likely that recovery of some assets is probable. By discovering the fraud and tracking the location of funds or assets before confronting the fraudster, it may be possible to use legal and other techniques to freeze and seize the illegally taken companies property.

Many employees are capable of dishonesty depending upon their life circumstances. Professional advisors such as accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, and consultants are prone to this as well. Covert investigations can reveal the potential or actual damages before they permanently harm a company.